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Default Re: How does Kobe's legacy change by winning a 6th or 7th ring in an "unwinnable" system?

Originally Posted by poido123
What was so bad about the D'Antoni system back at the suns?

As Ive mentioned in another thread, Nash and the suns were right there a few times to winning the title. Nash now has more talent around him to run the system than he ever has before. Unlike Kobe, he hasnt had the personnel except while he was at the suns to make a serious run at a title, so comparing Kobe's success to Nash's is like comparing oranges to apples.'s some fundamental points you seem to be missing.

1. For context - He did have the talent to get a ring, for a 3 year stretch Phoenix were legit contenders and had all the pieces it should take to win a chip. I'm of the opinion he was screwed out of a title in 07.

2. The D Antoni system has proven ineffective because of how much it relies on 3 point shooting and how much it undervalues defense.

3. You're saying give Nash the ball and put Kobe in the corner. It will not happen like that. They're not simply going to marginalize their best offensive weapon in favor of an unproven that does not even fit the personnel they have right now.

Will they use elements of that system? No doubt.

Will Kobe stop posting up, stand in the corner and shoot threes all game?

4. Nash is 39, he is going to be playing 30 minutes a game and alot of that time will be spent as a spot up shooter.
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