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Default Re: How bad are the Pistons?

Originally Posted by AAckley1
I see them attempting to move Prince/Stuckey before the deadline & go into full tank mode. Picking up Shabazz will be the exact type of dynamic player this team needs to pair with Monroe, Drummond & Knight.
I could see them dealing both Prince and Stuckey, but I don't think that'd be a sign of them entering tank mode, as you put it. Prince's talent just happens to be waning and Stuckey's struggled for as long as he's been in Detroit to find a spot where he belonged. He was shooting too much while playing the one and shooting too poorly while playing the two (though he had bursts where he appeared very solid).

I think Detroit would like to swing a deal involving one or both of those players, perhaps alongside a Villanueva or Maggette contract, in exchange for a true guard who can help them move forward, not just assist in tanking.

Prince is catching a lot of flak this year because he's showing age a little bit. But even now, I'm not sure if there's a three on this Pistons team I'd rather be starting at this point. I mean, in theory, Jonas Jerebko doesn't seem like he'd be too shabby, but there's just something about him at this point that makes me hesitate in terms of being either a true three or four. After Jonas, the next option would be Kyle Singler and as hard as he plays, I'm not sure that'd be an upgrade over Tayshaun, who's also become the Pistons de facto leader these past few years.

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