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Default Re: Is it too early to call Derrick Williams a bust?

Originally Posted by senelcoolidge
I wouldn't call him a bust yet. People here have no patience. They proclaim greatness for a player after one good game and call people done after 2 bad games . It's too soon to call him a bust, but it's looking like he maybe. He's a tweener. He's not an NBA power forward, so he needs to become an NBA small forward. Work on your game son.

I disagree. 5 years ago he was too small to be a power forward, but now that players at that position are getting shorter and shorter he fits there better than at the 3. Size isn't his problem.

His problem is more that he doesn't do anything well at the NBA level. He's supposed to be a scorer but his scoring ability hasn't really translated from college and his shooting is nowhere near as good as it seemed at Arizona. Add that to being below average on the boards and defense and you have a pretty useless NBA forward.
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