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Default Re: Is it too early to call Derrick Williams a bust?

Originally Posted by hawksdogsbraves
I don't think it's too early to call him a bust. Does he have a chance to become a good player? Sure. Has he been a total bust thus far in his career? Yep.

It's not like he's 18 years old either, he was supposed to be an immediate contributor for the Wolves.

I agree.

Kwame Brown is still a useful player in the NBA after 10+ years, but he's most definitely a bust. When you're a top 3 pick, the minimum expectation should be regular All-Star. I don't ever see Derrick Williams getting to that level. And he doesn't have anything to fall back on like Kwame does (post defense) that could keep him in the NBA as a role player for 10 years. There are any number of tweener forwards out there just like him.
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