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Default Re: "How overrated is Kyrie Irving???" -PleezeBelieve

Originally Posted by 9erempiree
20 5 5 is better than 18 3 5

Kings 29 -57 winning at 35%

Cavs 21-45 winning at 31 %

All things point to Tyreke having the better year. So please stop overrating Kyrie because he did a commercial.

This guy is sitting at home laughing his --s off. He got many of you. You took the bait and got pissed. He struck a cord with the commercial reference when everyone who knows bball knows the Uncle Drew commercial - while fun - really went nowhere.

Outside of the game vs. the Bulls, he has abused people this year. I was actually sad watching Chris Paul trying to guard him in LA. He penetrates at will, finishes as well as any point guard, is creative, has amazing handles, and is consistent on his jump shot.

empire - good humor. Now...come clean on Kyrie vs. Tyreke. You have people on the edge of the bridge. Prove your sanity...
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