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Default Re: Did Mike Vick play his last snap yesterday?

Originally Posted by Timmy D for MVP
It would seem that Foles is the guy now. Unless he shits the bed next week they have to go with him.

Problem is, as someone alluded to earlier, nothing occurs in a vacuum. It is possible that he gets play again because of those in charge.

The owner is in charge so ultimately i have trouble seeing Vick play again when there is literally no chance Vick is an Eagle next year.

Vick is hurting too. Stephen A said something interesting about him i think too, he gets hit in the ribs, he falls down, he looks confused. He looks like a puncher who took too many punches (Stephen A's words). If i was another team, i'd want no part of him. He's stupid so there is always the chance he has controversy, he seems unable to change how he plays so he will keep taking hits, and he's too small to absorb so many hits.

Which makes him a lock to be the next Jet starting QB.

Note: I can't stand scrambling QB's. Run if you have to, like Steve Young was, yes that is fine. Or like Romo does, use his feet to extend the play. But QB's who use the run as a run and take hits have a limited lifespan, and QB's who take a lot of hits make bad plays. If someone punches you in the head, ten seconds later its hard to make the best decision.
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