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Default Re: Derrick Rose is coming back to flop.

Originally Posted by k0kakw0rld
Don't understand the hype about his return lol. No way Bulls get past the knicks or the Heat, Rose or Roseless. Overrated since his mvp season (which he did not deserve).

Your salty that your nets have a bunch of phony, weak minded players that arent going anywhere this year? Even with the preseason hype? Lopez is a poor rebounding goof, Joe Johnson is a ball stopping, overpaid nancy, Humphries too busy playing dressups with the Kardashians, Deron williams a witches hat on defense, and then you have Wallace who I do respect and that Teletovic guy. But the rest is just hot garbage, Blatche is a weakass bitch too.

You could only wish your team has a winner like Rose in it.
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