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Default Re: Ever seen anything like this in any of your games?

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
Uh oh here come the Euroleague apologists with excuses in hand to try to explain why Euroleague's trash isn't actually as bad as it looks

You're trying to hard, doesn't even come of as minimally funny.

Is there a follow up quote or explanation to this?

In related news, during one of my years coaching middle school ball, I called a time-out during a game to set up our press breaker. Out of the time out, we got the rock in to my point guard, stationed in beneath the opposing team's basket. I could see in his eyes he was about to shoot, so I began yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" in unison with the entire home crowd. Didn't phase him. He shot the point blank layup at his own basket anyway.

Thankfully, he missed it, and everyone let out a collective sigh of relief. Then he grabbed his own rebound and put it back in.

Nah just saw it on my facebook and thought it was pretty funny all things considered.

We tried in a game earlier this year that almost every single player and refs got the ends mixed up. The other team started with the ball in their backcourt out of a time out and tried to score at his own basket, he misses and we get the rebound, the rebounder is going towards the other end with two of his teammates screaming we're supposed to score at the same basket, as he's going towards the other end of the court refs blows the whistle to end all the confusion. I then argued that it would have to be an over and back to begin with and they end up giving us the ball :)
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