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Default Re: Tonight's game vs. Jazz

I feel like Casey at this point is pretty much following the policy of "he's a rookie so I don't trust him down the stretch." But if Bargnani's playing like punani, do you keep him out there? Or if guys are in foul trouble you throw in Aaron Gray down the stretch? Really? The kid is playing great, he was having a good night and we only scored 5 damn points in the whole quarter. I don't think it could've hurt to give him at least 3-4 minutes in the 4th quarter.

That being said, this win took guts with just a 24 hour turnaround from that triple OT marathon heartbreaker. Clearly the guys had nothing in the tank coming down the stretch and adrenaline carried them through the first 3 quarters. They deserved this win, well done. And especially to Mr. Calderon for his first triple double. We can all say whatever we want about his shortcomings but no matter what the dude has heart. Period.
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