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Default Re: F Royce White, Rockets at odds with agreement to help with anxiety over flying

Originally Posted by niko
To me if he said "im taking this year off to get over what i need to do" i would get that. But the first thing he said was "im going to bus all the time when i need to". That's no solution, that's avoidance. It's like a drug addict, they find people to blame they can't get treatment because they don't want to get better. Im sure he wants to get better, but it would be hard and he is (not conciously) avoiding it. By fighting with the Rockets.

Total waste of a pick.

i sort of remember you saying this in the last royce thread and i mostly disagreed. thought they needed to take baby steps before throwing him in on the 'deep end'.

to me, that isn't the issue now though. if he has truly missed multiple practices, that's a more concerning issue...maybe maturity issues to boot. for a guy who handled so many college games, i don't understand why he would miss practices. airing out his grievances publicly is not a good sign either.

just hope he's genuinely doing what it takes to get better...really liked his game out of college.
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