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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by Grinder
I thought Poythress was the most impressive Kentucky freshman in the high school all star circuit and I stand by that. Kid's going to be a monster once he improves his ball skills and asserts himself more on offense. He got 20 points today almost entirely on his athleticism and motor.
This. Felt like the Kentucky offense ran through Goodwin and Noel all night (mainly because it did) and Poythress still had 20 points. Haven't seen enough of him, yet, to make an NBA comparison, but he is man-child. Didn't really see enouh tonight, either, to give me an idea of how solid his handle is on dribble penetration, but with his size, strength, and freakish athleticism he is going to be a force. I thought Poythress was the most talented player on the floor. Maybe not the best (although that's very debatable) but definitely most talented.

Mason Plumlee finally looks like the guy I've been hearing about the last 3 years; when he was on the court, he was completely outmuscling and dominating Noel in the paint. Seth Curry looked like his brother on the court today.
Ultimately this is why I felt like Duke pulled away and won in the end. They've got the senior laden roster and were much more cohesive on offense. Noel (and this is something I was a little worried about when I saw his listed weight) is going to get muscled around all year in the post by a lot of opposing bigs. He's got to put on some weight.

I think Kentucky might be the better team in March, but right now it's no surprise Kentucky won semi-comfortably. Not to mention, without Ryan Harrow, Archie Goodwin had to handle PG duties and he's not a PG. He can handle those responsibilities when needed, but he's better of the ball in my opinion.
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