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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

played only mp for lil over an hour and im a level 10. here are my foughts...

first, lets discuss the setup. i like the layout, but the music is kinda lame (i really loved the black ops 1 menu music lol). i like that there is still the custom emblems, but i haven't seen the option where u can customize your players look. y'know, like face paint and stuff. i really liked that. the sound of the guns are new and improved so thats a big +.

im lovin the new system where u can have an additional perk or attachment but having to sacrifice something. yes, i will trade in my grenades and specials and maybe my secondary to go buckwild on perks and to beef up my main weapon.

was running with the operative class until i unlocked create a class. im using the first smg, dont know the name. the gun is cool, but since im rockin a supressor, i mainly rush to get close kills.

the scorestreaks. its a lil harder to get up 7+ straight kills, but when u do the scorestreaks are pretty cool. ive gotten the lightning drop multiple times and the dragon fire twice. the first time i unlocked dragon fire, i couldn't even use. it kept telling me that i couldn't use the device and i was effin pissed. it was on the boat map, and i know i couldve racked up some scores. i finally got to use it on the hollywood mansion map, and shiet was cool. got about 5 kills till somebody shot it down. i like the fact that they give you 25 pts instead of a 100 for each kill with a scorestreak. its very fair and keeps the real good players honest and a harder time from taking over the game.

the maps. as always, treyarch always design waaaay better maps then iw. im lovin the layout, but the atmosphere in some, feels too similar to mw2 and 3. i loved the fact that blops was so different and distinct. haven't tried the plaza, always playing yemen shiet. im enjoying it, but im not as in love with it like how i was in the first blops. its still early but will see...

add me on psn: rt96792

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