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Originally Posted by johndeeregreen
I doubt it's just C4. To me whatever is in the case would lead back somewhere up the ladder, to Brody, Roya, or even Nazir.

Brody's life is almost MORE out of control now that he's working for the 'good guys.' As an aside I would love to bang his wife. No wonder Mike can't f*ck off.

I agree, whatever is in that case must be more damning than killing a dozen CIA members mid day on a small town main street. We know that they know that the CIA is onto them if only because they were at the Tailor's shop. And we know that that was going to be a major news story, as seen by the fact that the fundraiser guy knew about it.
Can you imagine what a scene like that would look like on the news cycle's we have these days. Even if they could hide the fact that the victims were CIA somehow.

I also agree that I'd like to bang his wife, and in fact one of my biggest faults with the show is that we haven't seen her naked since early in that first season. C'mon Showtime, get your shit together.
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