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Default Re: Assassin's creed 3

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
Yeah, my % was pretty damn low becuase I pretty much just wanted to power through the story the first time. I'm going to do another play through to get another run through the story and to do all the side stuff. I love trying to get the 100% sync on missions after I've done 1 playthrough. Plus, I didn't really do any of the Ben Franklin stuff my first time around.

Yeah, I've spent a lot of time tracking down feathers, getting almanac pages, trinkets, and doing hunting missions and the such. So I know I'm going slower than most, and will probably end with a decent percentage, but I'm not really trying for those in mission optional targets. I may give it a shot from the get go, but if I don't get I just keep going, so it'll require a replay to hit all of those. I find the replayability of memory sequences far supperior to the second game. I closed AC2 one trophy from 100%, it had to do with the flying machine mission, and I couldn't easily go back and do it, so I never got there.
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