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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

UConn has good players and all, but I doubt anyone will think end of the year UConn > end of the year MSU and Kansas.

Heck, I bet if you polled most experts, after a couple weeks of action, they'd pick MSU in a re-match. Just

Sad I only was able to see the highlights of last night's games. Had to step out of the house and my only viewing option was online.

MSU's starting lineup is gonna be pretty tough. Not just to beat, but tough in general. There will never be an excuse for them to be manhandled this season, especially if Dawson is healthy.

I am worried about the lack of a scoring threat off the bench though. Trice can do a little bit...but hopefully someone else grows into that role as well (when starters are struggling, that player who can put in 12-15 to save a game).

If their outside shooting remains consistent this year though...I'm gonna be smiling. Not often you get a team that tough in the paint, with guards who can drive well, but also punish teams from outside. Not much a team can do on offense if that's the case.

Oh, and as usual for an Izzo team, turnovers are a problem....
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