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Default Re: The Fiscal Cliff

Originally Posted by Droid101
Barry isn't holding back.

Either they cave and leave taxes on the middle class/poor the same and raise them for the rich and impose new ones on millionaires, or taxes for EVERYONE go up when the Bush cuts expire.

Your move, House.

Exactly, Grover Norquist and his minions have already been check-mated. It's either raise the taxes on 2% of Americans to levels similar to what they were when our economy was strong (which is what the vast majority of Americans agree with, 60-35) or let taxes go up on 100% of the population, drastic spending cuts to occur, unemployment to skyrocket, and a new recession to kick in.

How is Boehner (Norquist) going to explain to the American people that the reason they are losing jobs in droves and we are plunged into another deep recession is only because they don't want to raise income taxes on 2% of the population by a handful of percentage points? It's either get with the program or pay for it come election time.
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