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Default Re: Official Comic Book Match-up VI

Originally Posted by raiderfan19
Im actually not in a huge hurry now, this is the point of the whole thing. If enough makes a legit argument I wouldn't even mind waiting for JB to counter and so on and so forth till they are done
I agree..

With that said:

Im pretty sure enough is going to come in tonight and say that he has no time for an argument. That or hell drop a 20 word argument...

But regardless, weve sauntered along to this point and at least it seems that we will reach the finish line.. which is what i was hoping to do.

So that it at least leaves some sort of a good precedent for if in the future Black Joker and Vapid end up making the one that they wanted.. I doubt it tho, time seems to be occupied for most of us. Those freedom days are
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