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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

Originally Posted by ukballer
Thought Treyarch had actually sorted the hit detection, but for some reason today it just felt like playing Black Ops again. Having to empty a whole clip to take someone down, when it was just half a clip yesterday.

I dunno, just find the game so inconsistent from match to match today. Maybe it's just me. Just feels like a different game to yesterday.

Also noticing some of the maps are a headglitcher's dream.

YES. Yesterday for me I couldnt kill crap. Took so many bullets. Today its much better. Hit detection is out of wack and headglitching at an all time high. Just played a game where a guy had 41 kills and only 12 tags in KC. I sent him a message saying "Impress me when you pick up half the tags you left on the ground. Stop being scared to run out and pick up tags. F*ck your 2.0 KD kid"
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