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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

Originally Posted by GOBB
I'll try that. Domination is frustrating as hell. Where do you put the Guardian? Near B? On B. I'm clueless where to pop that thing. Whats AGR? Gotta see what the scorestreak for that is. I've been playing KC more than Dom. Hate trying to cap B and people just camp it.
I pop the guardian in a corner on a heavy traffic area, or I just tuck it on any flag. People are too stupid to shoot it so it either kills them or scares them off.

AGR is the badass robot with a machine gun and rocket launcher, can go on its own or you can control it.

Out of all the assault rifles you get before the SCAR-H, the MTAR is the best. The Type 25 is close, but MTAR is better.
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