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Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Verlander deserved it. It's funny how he had a season pretty much just as good as last year's and hardly anyone will ever talk about it simply because of team wins.

I called it though. The 20 wins got Price the award.

EDIT: Just looked at the voting. Two idiots (both from the LA area, shocker) actually put Weaver over Verlander on their ballots and basically cost him the award. There is no argument for Weaver over Verlander. None.
That is pretty shitty about the voting. It happens every year, it even happened with the NL ROY voting with someone from the SD Union Tribune giving a third place vote for Alonso while leaving Miley off of his ballot. You'd think that there would be safeguards against this sort of thing.

Edit: The same guy that left Miley off of his list also left Kershaw off of his top 5 in his Cy Young ballot.

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