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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
I pop the guardian in a corner on a heavy traffic area, or I just tuck it on any flag. People are too stupid to shoot it so it either kills them or scares them off.

AGR is the badass robot with a machine gun and rocket launcher, can go on its own or you can control it.

Out of all the assault rifles you get before the SCAR-H, the MTAR is the best. The Type 25 is close, but MTAR is better.

So to destroy Guardian you gotta shoot at it? What about Sentry gun. I tried knifing these things and nothing. I think it was a sentry gun. That thing looked like the Terminator.

Escort drone is pretty badass. I played Kill Confirmed on Cargo and went 19-1 before it went away. Care package is where I got it. I got the MTAR, gonna use it some more. I've been using the Vector. I dont like the mp7, maybe I'm using it wrong. Cant think of the AR I use. Might be mtar now that i think of it.

I cant unlock that scorestreak you're talkin about tho. Only 29 lvl
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