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Default Re: F Royce White, Rockets at odds with agreement to help with anxiety over flying

Welp reading through this I can see that some people still don't understand, it's not about the flying, that's merely a symptom of the larger problem which are his disorders. Drugs won't do anything for that except just to sedate him but once they wear off it all comes back. And he can, and will, meltdown like he did, and may still be doing.

What confuses the SHIT out of me is how this happened in the first place. How is it that, knowing allll of this before you snagged him, this wasn't set in stone completely before training camp even started? Royce is undoubtedly handling this wrong (SURPRISE! Another young athlete making bad decisions), but the Rockets didn't seem to really protect their investment here.

This is a bizarre situation, and I hope a resolution can be found. If it means Royce takes a year off basketball so be it, but I'd love to see this guy get on the court and produce because he def. has talent.
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