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Default Re: How Hard Is It To Make 1000 per month playing online poker?

It's funny you ask because it's reminiscent of my poker experience.
In 2008 in my 1st year at Stern (NYU), all I did was play online poker on full-tilt. Usually 1/2 and I'd put $100 bucks on a cash table. Or I'd play sit n go's, never really had the time to register for a big tournament so those were omitted. I did fairly well, my first experience was registering $3.30 for a 90 men sit n go (knockout). So everytime you knock a player out, you get like 50 cents or something. I won first and got I believe 72 bucks. Then I joined sit n go's and kept winning. Twelve hours later I had over 600 bucks and I withdrew most of it and bought myself a TV for my room.

I wasn't a big poker fan but it seemed fairly easy. I continued playing and was doing good, but I would actually fold sets and sometimes straights because I was very tight and careful. That strategy was very effective for me honestly. Then after a while I started to become more aggressive, and that's when my bankroll either skyrocketed or I went broke.

Anyways for the first year, I bought a TV and decorated my room; overall I won over a thousand. But after that I was hit with a cold deck. My flushes were beaten by bigger flushes and people were flopping straights on my top set. It was unreal and I eventually quit full-tilt.

Last year, I turned 21 and started going to the casino. I literally lived off my winnings from the casino the entire year without hitting my line of credit, credit cards or employment income. I'd recommend that.

But I'll give you some advice:

1) Look for a talkative table, where there are aggressive players on the table liking to make plays and/or are drunk.
2) Play low limit, start at 1/2 (what I always play)
3) Only bring money you can afford to loss, don't gamble with your tuition money or rent money etc.
4) SET A TIME LINE. This is essential for me. I usually would come to the casino around 12 pm and will always leave no later then 8pm unless I go broke. If I hit $500 mark, I walk every time. I start with 150 or 200 usually. The reason I am telling you this is because every-time you go up in chips, unless you're a great player, you will get greedy and start playing loose. You'll get relaxed and start losing focus. Be DISCPLINED at casino, because if you're both a disciplined and an instinctive player you will do good. Try reading the players, it is critical. I noticed that when players place their chips on a call or a raise farther from them, they are bluffing or have a mediocre hand. Players that place their chips near them, are usually strong.

When you first sit at a table, wait about 30 minutes. Adjust to each player and try to read their tendencies. Go after the ultra-aggressive players, and don't be afraid to change tables on a super conservative table. Trust me, it will take you a while to win money and if you're a rookie; you'll mostly likely loss your bankroll.

Bottom line, don't play online. It's so dirty. On a monthly basis, going to a casino 2-3 days a week; I end up with around 1000 bucks. One month I won close to 6k, another month I'd break-even or loss a few hundred bucks. But overall, my bank account after my graduation was still over $3,000 and that was after me spending a ton of money on games, clothes, entertainment, clubs, my girlfriend etc etc.

But I don't get greedy and I have a routine. I don't ever take more then $200 bucks, I never play longer then 8 hours and I play very tight and look for tables with aggressive players. In an 8 hour session, I ask for a table change roughly 3-4 times.

Good luck bro, but honestly don't gamble your school money. The last thing you want is to ruin your future over a game that has ruined thousands of people's lives. Don't take my story to heart and don't be inspired by it. Maybe I'm just fortunate, but my consistency tells me otherwise.

I also end up in the money on most of the house games I play in. I do play passive-aggressive, but at the casino I play super-tight and look for players who are overly aggressive or drunk. Trust me, wait for your opportunity and over time you chips will go up. Most people when they start losing chips due to blinds or bad beats, go on tilt and end up losing all their chips. DO NOT GO ON TILT, ACCEPT A BAD BEAT AND CONTINUE PLAYING YOUR GAME. Stay focused and I think overtime you will do good. But I don't suggest playing online poker, you're chasing fools gold.
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