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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

Lakerfreak, what I like the least out of your long awaited post ( ) is that you wasted your time trying to lower the credibility of Phil in order to elevate 'Antoni.....this is unnecessary in trying to make a point. We all know the good and bad that comes with PJ many rings does anyone else in the league have..........Yeah.....that's what I thought.......end of that crap.
To actually try to compare the idiot Brown's Princeton to Phil's Triangle
This is a ridiculous as trying to compare me doing a magic trick to Chris Angel Just STOP

Jimmy is a complete idiot.....let's not try to excuse the guy,......he is so determined to establish HIS own identity that he has hurt the team.

As for Mike 'Antoni, it's too easy to call him that.....who else has a "D" in front of his name and never speaks of defense........even the Suns and Knicks players said he would very rarely even mention defense much less practice it.
So until I see this Lakers team play real defense I'll go with 'Antoni to make my point without having to say anything else (Lazy yes ).

Defensive talent doesn't mean you'll have a good defense, you have to have a system, rotations, protocol and you have to practice have to go over video and see opponents tendencies.
To think...oh we have Metta, Kobe and Dwight so our defense will be good is a lack of understanding of how a great team functions.
There is a reason the man hasn't been to the's certainly not because of his grade A offense. He lacks the respect for defense the way Jimmy Buss lacks the respect for scouting.

'Antoni is a smart man but stubbornly wants to win a title HIS WAY, he wants to show you can win without defense......this will not work....never.
IF we bring in McMillan and the coach allows him real practice time for defense we will have a good shot at this.....we are all praying
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