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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
Poor Bigfoot. I don't think any non-champ has had a more brutal schedule his last four fights. Cormier - Cain - Browne - Overeem. Sheeeeit.

Anyway, I'm thinking it should be somewhat similar to the Werdum fight, except Bigfoot is a little stronger, a little slower and a lot less crafty. Not the right guy to exploit Overeem's weaknesses. OTOH would be pretty interesting to see him somehow get mount against the Reem. Who knows what happens, then...
Bigfoot is going to be treated as gatekeeper and is going to be built up as a top heavyweight by the UFC due to his size, big head and ugly face.

Sucks that Carwin got injured. I was looking forward to seeing how many big power shots from Carwin Nelson could have took. He took some big shots from JDS in their fight. I think Carwin would have gassed half way through the first round and Nelson would have taken him down and submitted him late in the first round or early in the second round similar to his fight with Lesnar.

Miller's a better fight for Lauzon. Maynard was probably going to continuously take Lauzon down and lay on top of him to a decision win. Miller's submitable as proven by Nate and Lauzon's got a good enough ground game to submit him.

Want to add more people to the injured list of this year. Eddie Yagin suffered a head injury and is out of his fight with Dennis Siver. Nam Phan has stepped as a replacement for Yagin against Siver. Either way it should be a good fight. I think Siver should win this fight.

I haven't seen you guys talk about the revival of DREAM. I haven't been on here for a while, so not sure if you guys have talked about it or not. Either way, DREAM's revival is on a NYE show that Glory is co-promoting with them.

It will feature the Glory 4 Kickboxing Heavyweight Tournament and a bunch of a MMA fights. Robin van Roosmalen will be making his MMA debut on the event. Also Takaya, Baroni, Kawajiri, Kharitonov and Kitaoka will be fighting in MMA fights.

Schilt, Ghita, Saki, Zimmerman, Spong, Aerts, Bonjasky, Verhoeven, Le Banner, Guidon, Verlinden, Braddock Silva, Jamal Ben Saddik, Igor Jurkovic and Petrosyan are the rumored fighters in the Kickboxing tournament and in the Kickboxing fights.

The Glory fights are what is saving the card for me. The DREAM fights aren't as interesting as the Glory fights as there's not that many big name MMA fighters out there for them to put agains the DREAM fighters. The Kickboxing has pretty much all of the big name Kickboxers out there.
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