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Default Is Anyone Else Here Into British Comedy?

Is anyone of you guys on here into the British comedy? There's a ton of great British comedy sitcoms I've been watching recent and I'm curious if any of you guys on here into it.

My favorite British comedians are David Mitchell, Lee Mack, Miranda Hart and Rob Brydon.

Some of the British sitcoms I've watched are:

The Office - Just a great series. Way better than the US version.

Miranda - Really great sitcom about a tall female who doesn't fit in with the rest of the world. She works at a prank shop and is constantly disappointing her mother.

The IT Crowd - This is probably my favorite British sitcom. It's the daily lives of 3 employees: Maurice Moss, Roy Trenneman and Jen Barber who work in a basement which is the IT office of the company. Jen is the head of the IT department and she has no knowledge about anything IT related. Moss and Roy take advantage of her lack of IT knowledge and tell her things which make her look like an idiot often.

Friday Night Dinner - This a sitcom that revolves around the Friday night dinner of a Jewish family called the Goodmans who are always at the table ready to eat dinner when their neighbor Jim rings the bell of their door.

In With the Flynns - Horrible. Not really funny.

Not Going Out - This revolves around 2 roommates who live together, Lee and Lucy. There's also Tim who's Lucy's brother and Lee's best friend. Tim also has a girlfriend called Daisy who is really dumb and it's hilarious. Lee obviously likes Lucy, but he's never been open about it and Lee's always getting into a lot of trouble which Lucy always has to find a way to help him out of it.

Bad Education - This is a sitcom that revolves in a high school class which has a young teacher who's not very mature and acts like the age of his students.

Citizen Khan - A lot of people don't like this, but I think it's pretty funny. It's a about a Muslim Pakistani family who lives in Birmingham. Mr. Khan who is the man of the family is always getting caught in a lot of problems and situations.

Red Dwarf - I've only seen the last 2 seasons, but it's a Star Trek comedy type sitcom.

Peep Show - A hilarious sitcom about the daily lives of 2 best friends who live together: Mark and Jeremy. Mark works at an office, while Jeremy or Jez is a musician who plays in a band a does a lot of drugs and women. They're 2 totally different people who live together and everything is always going wrong for them.

Moone Boy - A sitcom that revolves around a little kid: Martin Moone and his imaginary friend: Sean Murphy. His family is always caught up in situation which Martin is involved in and he relies on his imaginary friend to talk to who's almost always with him.

I'm currently watching Grandma's House and it's really funny.

There's other highly recommended recent sitcoms that I've read are really good, but haven't watched like The Thick of It and the Inbetweeners, but I'll probably watch them at some point.

There's a ton of British comedy on panel shows. The only panel show I've actually watched though is Would I Lie to You? which has David Mitchell and Lee Mack as opponents of different teams with 2 other people on their teams. Rob Brydon is the host of the show. Each team has a card with a statement and they have to make it sound as true or fake possible and the other teams can ask questions about the statement and then has to decide if it's true or false. The team with the most correct answers wins.

There's other highly recommended panel shows like Have I Got News For You, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Never Mind the Buzzcocks and QI which most recent series I'm currently downloading, but I haven't properly watched them yet.

So yeah, sorry for the long post, but I'm curious as to whether you guys like this stuff or anything along those lines.
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