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Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
First of all they never won 10 in a row. They won 8. Secondly, they beat Philly, Atlanta, Toronto, and Detroit sitting RIP and resting most their starters. Along with Miami and SA who were firmly entrenched in their playoff positions. Thirdly, it was the last two weeks of the season and like I said no expected anything from them..

Fact is, we started playing much better after the Francis trade. Pretty much all of the games we lost from that point on were heartbreakers that could have easily gone the other way. Then Nelson came back from injury and we really started to roll. Along with the teams you mentioned, we also beat Cleveland, Dallas, Chicago and Milwaukee in the last 2 months of the seaon.

Lastly, when it finally came time to show up and win a game they needed, they choked away the final two games against Chicago and the Pacers.

Not true. We were already eliminated by the time we played those last 2 games. The Chicago game could have easily gone the other way and the last game against Indiana was just a let down.

Bottom line, the Magic were a different team after the Steve Francis trade. Period. If they play like they did after that trade next season, there is no reason for them not to make the playoffs.
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