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Default Re: Is Anyone Else Here Into British Comedy?

Originally Posted by miller-time
Peep Show is probably the best comedy show of the last 10 years. I'm watching Fresh Meat at the moment which was created by the same guys and it has Joe Thomas from the inbetweeners in it.

Have you seen Lead Balloon? I thought that was pretty good too, it is sort of a cross between extras and curb, except without the celebrity guest appearances.
I've never seen Fresh Meat, but I've read of it on and it seems interesting.

I've never heard of Lead Ballon.

I'll check them out when I go through all the series I already got lined up to watch. Thanks for the rec. tho.

Originally Posted by senelcoolidge
Nothing current, but I used to like Red Dwarf, Are you being served, really liked Blackadder.
I've seen the last 2 seasons of Red Dwarf. They're really good, specially season 10.

Originally Posted by Is He Ill
I just finished watching the first two episodes and they were hilarious.
The show just picks up from there. You'll like every episode of it if you liked what you saw on the first 2.

Here's some gifs and screens from some of my favorite British comedy sitcoms and panel shows:

Jim from the last episode of season 2 of Friday Night Dinner:

Frankie Boyle on Would I Lie to You:

Reginald D. Hunter on Would I Lie to You:

David Mitchell on Would I Lie to You:

Lee Mack from his stand up Going Out Live:

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