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Default Re: Rumors That The Spanish League Wants To Invite NBA Teams To Play The King's Cup

Originally Posted by Shepseskaf
To be honest, I don't think this is a horrible idea. There's no way that any European tournament could pay enough to lure an NBA team there -- especially given the financial situation with the euro -- but why not put together a team of some former stars to compete?
Well, that team wouldn't work in many ways IMO.
* The roster players would have to play together for some time (and some of those players already play for a team).
* That roster isn't as marketable as an actual NBA team (IMO, obviously).
* Why would the NBA send an "NBA team" composed of non NBA players?

I won't get into the "who would win" stuff, as there's no way people would take it seriously.

I haven't heard anything about this BTW.
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