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Default Re: Romney says Obama won by showering black, Latino & young voters with big gifts.

Why do people still care what this guy thinks?
Originally Posted by joe
They feel like the system is stacked against them, because the system is stacked against them. But just not in the way they think. It's not capitalism and free markets that are hurting them, it's government. Government obstruction of capitalism, not letting markets function that is hurting the poor the most. It feels good in the short-term when government gives you something for free, but over time this wealth redistribution will rot your economy from the inside out. Massive debts financed by an inflationary central bank will rot your economy from the inside out.

What the poor need is more CAPITALISM. You don't hear that too often on CNN. But unfortunately it won't be easy. A return to capitalism would cause massive pain in our economy at first, as we allow all the government-induced mal-investments to be purged from the system. It could take a year, 2 years, I'd guess even more. But that pain is coming ANYWAY, people. The only question is, what's waiting on the other side? A free economy and prosperity? Or an even more fascistic economy, with even more government controls, and the end of America's golden age? That's the choice we are facing. That's the precipice we are approaching.

And by the way, if the Republicans had any balls, THIS is what they'd be saying to the American people. Truth and honesty about the economy instead of trying to be a lighter version of the Democrats.
Right or wrong, what the Republicans need is this kind of approach. Start talking to all of these people Romney ignores and alienates, make the case as to why your ideas are better for them. Don't just use Reagan's old welfare queen hinted racism to secure the white male vote and count your majority to win elections. The demographics of the country have shifted and will continue to do so. The old tricks won't work.
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