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Default Re: Rumors That The Spanish League Wants To Invite NBA Teams To Play The King's Cup

Originally Posted by chains5000
Well, that team wouldn't work in many ways IMO.
* The roster players would have to play together for some time (and some of those players already play for a team).
* That roster isn't as marketable as an actual NBA team (IMO, obviously).
* Why would the NBA send an "NBA team" composed of non NBA players?

I won't get into the "who would win" stuff, as there's no way people would take it seriously.

I haven't heard anything about this BTW.
I agree with most of your points, but certain former big-name players -- such as Starbury and AI, who are known internationally would certainly be marketable, to a certain degree.

Even though AI's foray into Turkey didn't end well, he generated lots of fan interest.

As you said, who knows how credible this "news" is, but it speaks to something I've been advocating for a long time. The U.S. should put a team together of D-League level stars to play internationally in events like the Olympics.

The superstar system in place has been moderately successful, but the weak point has always been that the players don't get enough practice time with each other. Why not create a real "team" that is together on a regular basis?

Tournaments like this one, if real, would be a great way to play the international circuit and prepare the team for more high-profile contests.
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