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Default Re: Rumors That The Spanish League Wants To Invite NBA Teams To Play The King's Cup

Originally Posted by chains5000
I don't think they'd be good enough.
I believe a team of US players playing FIBA competitions would be the best choice:
* They're used to FIBA rules.
* Playing in FIBA competitions, their schedule enables them to play/train as often other international competition teams, and with the same rest.
* They wouldn't need the usual insurements NBA players need to play for their National teams.
* They'd be much better than an D-League team.
I really don't think we're disagreeing. To be clear, I didn't say a D-League team, I want players who are just below the regular NBA level, and who are not currently on a roster.

If you recruit NBA players, then time and accessibility will always be a problem. A team of lesser talents, when given enough playing time together, would certainly be competitive.

In essence, that's what international teams are comprised of. For the most part, they have a few marginal NBA-level talents, and the rest are not as good.

Put a team together and play in FIBA competitions, as you suggested so that they become accostumed to the rules and regulations.

If the players are picked carefully, you might have a dedicated group who are commited to playing the FIBA schedule, as opposed to waiting for the NBA season to begin.
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