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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
It's amazing how perception and reality are so far apart. I've given Kidd his props and rightfully so. But let the NY media tell you, Kidd has been the reason we're winning. Just not true. If you look at his numbers however, they are very pedestrian. I know numbers don't tell the entire story but let's get serious hear. JR and Melo are carrying this team. At some point, we're going to need more production out of our starting 2 guard position. Hs numbers are the same as the lockout season we'll excuse him for. If it was anybody else, we'd be distraught that our starting 2 guard is getting us 7 ppg 2 apg and 3 rpg. Once again, I give credit where it's due, but Kidd's play is a far cry from "see I told you so" territory.

Even during the championship run he was put on minutes limit its pretty obvious some people are unaware of this or didnt watch the Mavs.... There is nothing wrong with that.

Neither Franchise or I has ever said he should be benched totally. Until this team is 100% and Melo keeps playing the 4 he is going to be leaned on to play 25 minutes. I dont think thats going to help this team in the long term for his effectiveness and health risk. He is playing ok. He can not penetrate well and he's basically a spot up shooter. He still has the mind of a great basketball player and he was never the most athletic so he is still effective with his vision and ability to pass.

There are moments in the game where he is needed to calm stuff down.
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