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Default Re: 2012-13 EC regular season prediction game

Bump early days...

We had discussions on Toronto and their relative position vis a vis Washington, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Atlanta. Teams at the "bubble 9th" that might be competative... I posted a summary from Bleecher report.


My Washington dark horse looks really bad as a prediction at 0 -7. Unless John Walll really does mean that much to the team when back, Okafur and Ariza were wasted trades. These guys seem in coast mode till Wall is in the lineup.

Detroit has 1 win albiet in a tough schedule to start the season. Looking at how close some of the losses are and the energy of the team - look for the Pistons to grab a few wins - perhaps starting with the Raptors ? Brandon Knoight has to find his shot and progression.

Bucks - better than predicted.

Hawks - meshing well.
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