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Default Re: My Quick, Short & To-The-Damn-Point Video Game Reviews

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
That was a pretty breathy review for being to short and to the point, and coming from me that means something. But well done. Even took the time to put in the pictures.

Yeah, I realized it was pretty lengthy once I had actually posted it. I wanted to edit it but I figured it wasn't as long as most game reviews, so maybe people wouldn't mind.

Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
This holiday season it should drop down to $40 or less. I would call it a BUY at that price. I enjoyed it for the 15 or so hours it took me to complete it. The whole Asian and Triad thing sold it for me.

I bought mine brand new from GameStop for $39 after taxes. They had some special sale going on for it.

Originally Posted by CeltsGarlic
Sick review. Good job.


I'll post another review in a few days about another game.
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