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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief (Video) Raises Tensions on Both Sides of Gaza

Originally Posted by millwad
Listen, I am not supporting Hamas, but you're acting like the situation in Palestine is all due Hamas and the Israeli government is this peaceful and loving government and that they've never harmed anyone at all.

Hamas got elected in 2006, so you want to stick with this being a 6 year old issue and that Israel didn't occupy land that didn't belong to them prior to that? This conflict is decades old and so is the occupation by Israel.

And if anyone should get some education it's you, your garbage is just embarrassing and it's just silly how you try to label Israel as something they're not and that you think it's all about a 6 year old election when the problem is decades old and so is the illegal occupation.

Israel left the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in 2005.'s_unilateral_disengagement_plan

You and people like you who continue to act like these Palestinian "freedom fighters" are only trying to defend their land from big bad Israel make me sick.

They elected Hamas, a terrorist organization, to govern them. In the past week they've launched hundreds of rockets at Israel and killed civilians including kids. And then when Israel responds you act like they are to blame?

Get real.
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