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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief (Video) Raises Tensions on Both Sides of Gaza

Originally Posted by millwad
Listen, I am not supporting Hamas, but you're acting like the situation in Palestine is all due Hamas and the Israeli government is this peaceful and loving government and that they've never harmed anyone at all.

Hamas got elected in 2006, so you want to stick with this being a 6 year old issue and that Israel didn't occupy land that didn't belong to them prior to that? This conflict is decades old and so is the occupation by Israel.

And if anyone should get some education it's you, your garbage is just embarrassing and it's just silly how you try to label Israel as something they're not and that you think it's all about a 6 year old election when the problem is decades old and so is the illegal occupation.
No I'm not. I never said that. You are just putting words into my mouth like you always do and making shit up.

Everytime there is peace or the conflict stops for a certain amount of time, Palestine does something violent against civilians to start it up again. It has been that way since the birth of modern Israel. Israel has never done anything as horrible and depraved as Black September in Munich. Israel doesn't send rockets aimed at Israeli schools and markets into Palestine every single day of the year like Palestine does to Israel.

Educate yourself sport. Look at the history of wars against modern Israel. Look at who fires the first shot, who makes the first attack, every single time. Look at reality.

Every single day Palestinean terrorists launch rockets aimed at Israeli civilians, often times they kill Israeli citizens but it just isn't publicized around the world. Israel launches a successful military attack against a Hamas terrorist leader, some civilians die in the process and suddenly Israel is an evil military civilian murdering evil bad bully fascist state of doom.

European press is biased against Israel, and it's creating a generation of European bozos like Millwad who don't know anything about the history of Israel and Palestine, who romanticize Palestine as a tragic ragged Rebel Alliance fighting against the Galactic Israeli empire.

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