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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

As Rameek said, nobody is saying he can't play. I'm just saying that if you are satisfied with Jason Kidd getting the minutes he's getting and think THAT is going to make us a better team long term, you're delusional. This is NOT a long term solution. Jason Kidd is a bench player. Period. My biggest gripe was never whether he could play. It's whether his contract was remotely what he's worth. I take nothing away from him but nothing he's done has changed my mind on whether he warrants getting over 3 mill a year. He makes just under what Felton makes. I'm sorry but the praise and contract aren't congruent with the production. No matter how much Mike Breen tells us all how much of a difference maker he is lol. He's not taking the world by storm like some people are suggesting...especially not the last 3games.

My issue is, when I said we shoudl go after OJ Mayo, some people were against it. Some of those same people were supporters of Jason Kidd's contract. OJ Mayo makes like 1 mill more than what Kidd does. Mayo would be on the allstar team if they played today. I just think the respect for legends goes too far at times. The respect for guys who won rings goes too far at times also. All the praise Tyson got last year, now ppl are starting to realize it was much ado about nothing. Did Tyson all of a sudden fall off? NO. The accolades were just ridiculous to begin with.

What gets me is, if we are winning, you can't say anything bad about our bench players. But if I wanna diss Melo or JR, Knicks fans have no problems with it. Meanwhile, they've been our best players all year. Same used to go for Patrick Ewing.
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