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Default You want Conspiracy? The World is Flat!

Let me learn ya...
In 1*956, Samuel Shelton founded a society that subscribed to a theory about the shap*e of the Earth -- namely, that it's flat. Shelton based his theory upon what he called common sense and personal observation. He called the scientific evidence for a globe-shaped Earth "dogmatic," meaning scientists were making this claim without adequate evidence. Later, when people showed him pictures of the Earth taken by satellites, Shelton claimed the photos were fake. He and the members of his society continued to support the idea that the Earth is flat and that those who disagree are part of a conspiracy to keep the truth about the Earth hidden.

You want conspiracy? A mysterious fire in 2011 destroyed much of the groups records. Coincidence?

How many of you have actually been in space? Can you honestly tell me every single picture of the earth is not fake? Not part of a conspiracy from the Illuminati?

Here is some science, that disproves the notion of a non-flat earth.

Brittany Murphy WHO? This is the real important stuff....
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