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Default Re: Romney says Obama won by showering black, Latino & young voters with big gifts.

Originally Posted by General
Not true. The reason Obama won is because he promised a lot more things than Romney did just like he stated. Romney's pitch was I'll bring back the America where if you work hard and follow the rules you will be a success story. You won't need government from craddle to grave to be a success. Obama was out there preaching how it's so unfair that the rich don't pay more, we need their money for you to be a success. Free college for everyone, free healthcare, free contraception..

Americans chose free stuff over hard work. It's that simple.

how many rich people do you think work 2 jobs in this country? how many poor people do you think do? what exactly is 'hard work' to you? sitting in a office overseeing workers or being out there in the snow, heat, and rain busting their ass?

No, Romney catered to the rich, and the rich spent a ton of money to influence a ton of people towards their agendas some of who aren't rich of which are the biggest sheep to vote for their propaganda'd causes. you can crow about 'American values' or 'built on Capitalism' all you want, thats just propaganda he fed you to vote for those who are rich agendas. its funny when people use ideals like that acting like political candidates really mean it when the bottom line to most of them is they don't want to pay higher taxes period. they could care less on what America was built on idealogicially.

and the most laughable and insulting guilt trip thats consistently played by Republicans is this idea that if the rich have to pay more taxes we're somehow killing the incentive to earn and become successful in this country : i mean think about that, just because rich people will be taxed higher do you really think everyone is going to want to be poor now? are you sitting there saying right now "i'd better go apply for a job at McDonalds since if i get a college degree and a high paying job i'll be taxed higher"? that incentive is there regardless.

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