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Default Re: Trade Metta World Peace

Hypothetically everybody would love to upgrade that position. Realistically, there's no way it happens. He's the only decent SF on the team. By trading him you would expect to get a better SF in return. There's no team that is going to trade their SF who is better for Artest. The Lakers would need to trade something else. The problem is, there aren't teams out there willing to take on salary. The Lakers obviously can't so it makes it next to impossible to make a deal.

The only SF who is good that would potentially be available would be Tayshaun Prince. Obviously, he'd be an amazing fit. The problem is Joe D isn't going to take Artest and he isn't going to take on salary. I'm sure he'd want a first round pick too. There really aren't any pieces on the Lakers that would Detroit would even want (outside of the superstars). I don't see anyway to make it work. Unfortunately, Lakers fans are probably going to have to settle for no moves and having an All-Star team this season
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