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Default Re: You want Conspiracy? The World is Flat!

So we're gonna take one ridiculous conspiracy theory to make every conspiracy theory ridiculous?

Is that what we're doing here?

Problem with that is only an extremely small percentage of people actually support the belief that the world is flat...

If CNN conducted a "quick" poll... you think 70% of it's voters would agree that the world is flat?

Opinion polls about 9/11 conspiracy theories

And how great is this?

New York Times / CBS News have conducted a number of polls on the Iraq War that have included the question:

"Was Saddam personally involved in 9/11?"

April 2003 responses: 53% said Yes, 38% said No.
October 2005 responses: 33% said Yes, 55% said No.
September 2006 responses: 31% said Yes, 57% said No.
September 2007 responses: 33% said Yes, 58% said No.

Seriously? In 2007 33% still said yes.
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