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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief (Video) Raises Tensions on Both Sides of Gaza

Originally Posted by millwad
Yes, and that is exactly why you're nothing but a stupid and ignorant fool because a rational person wouldn't write that nonsense.

We live in a modern era and I like how you use time when it fits your agenda, when it fits your agenda you refer to history between Palestine and Israel but when it doesn't you write incredibly stupid garbage like that. So if the arab countries occupy land that belongs to Israel NOW, will you in a couple of decades buy it if someone refers to the fact that the UK is built on the Picts land and therefor it's OK that the arabs stole great parts of Israel? Obviously no, grow up and use your brain, you're so incredibly stupid and ignorant..
When it fits my agenda? No, I look at history and time always. Looking at history makes it easy to see patterns and correlations. Bozos like you are moaning about this now, but in 50-100 years people will just accept that Israel isn't going away. The new generation of Palestineans will grow up, be sick of the shit that their parents have forced upon them, be sick of being used as human shields by psychotic terrorists from Saudi, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon, and do what they can to make peace with Israel and things will get better.

By the way, Palestine shares a massive border with Egypt. Why aren't their muslim brothers helping out the Palestinians and sending them aid? The answer is because the Arab world wants Palestine to live in squalor, because it helps them gain sympathy from idiot euros like you.

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