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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

Originally Posted by dd24
I doubt they're going to resign Goudelock. I think he got way over hyped as a player. The interesting thing that I think about is if they would've fired Brown before the season and shocked everyone by hiring D'Antoni is the Lakers probably would've been able to sign Barbosa instead of him choosing the Celtics. That would've made the bench better. I think Meeks and Jamison will do better in an offense that has better spacing and will get them better looks. The bench doesn't seem like it's in bad shape to me. It just seems like they need a real system to run. Brown held them back a ton.

He was a bit over hyped I agree. Lakers had pretty much zero offensive production coming from the second unit when he started producing so it's understandable. I do agree with you on the bench not being used properly ( Like jamison playing the 3 for whatever reason ) and yeah Getting Mike'D a bit earlier would have helped them land Barbosa.

I don't think CDR made the maves final roster but I'm not sure if the Lakers are still interested. I'd like to seem him in this system as well.

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