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Default Re: Top 5 Obama Donor Just Cut 1000 Jobs due to ObamaCare

My new game. How long does it take to prove longhorn wrong.

This one was about 2.5 minutes.

Step 1 google whatever crap longhorn just posted.
Step 2 Find non-right-wing source of info.
Step 3. Read article and quote.

A Stryker Corporation spokesperson indicates that the inference that the company belongs to someone who heavily supported the President and his policies, and who now is having to lay off employees as a result, is not quite accurate.

While Jon Stryker is the grandson of the founder of the company, Stryker Corp. Vice President for Public Affairs Tamara Cutler sent WGRZ-TV a statement which read:

"Jon Stryker is not an employee, has no management role in Stryker Corporation, nor is he an officer or director of the Company. He is one of many shareholders Stryker Corporation has."
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