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Default Re: International Posters: Let me learn ya

I'm Andalusian, and my region is the largest in Spain and the most southern in Europe, bordering Africa.

It is a region rich in history, here have been many different peoples like Iberians, Celtiberians, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Vandals, Visigoths, Byzantines, Moors and some others.

Each people left their mark on the idiosyncrasies of the Andalusian people, in the architecture, culture and music.

The region is known for having a warm climate, so many retirees from central and northern Europe come here to spend their last years. But in the inner cities the summer is too hot. Even so, You can also find different climates in a few kilometers away. Here there are amazing landscapes, beaches, deserts, mountains, forests and many small charming villages and lots of places of interest, nightclubs, monuments and museums to visit.

The Andalusians are known for being friendly, fun and welcoming, also for being lazy, partygoers and for speaking with a unintelligible Spanish accent.

My city is Seville, is 2000+ years old, is the capital of the region, and is one of Spain's largest cities. It's really a beautiful city, ancient and modern at the same time. In spring the streets smell of orange blossom, and the weather is perfect. In autumn and winter there is a very livable climate, but never come to visit in summer, You can die scorched.

Today the situation is really bad here, there is too much unemployment despite having great tourism infrastructure and large agricultural areas. Probably because Andalusia is one of the most deindustrialized region in Europe.

PD: Unfortunately very few people here play basketball.
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