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Default Re: You want Conspiracy? The World is Flat!

Originally Posted by Riddler
So we're gonna take one ridiculous conspiracy theory to make every conspiracy theory ridiculous?

Is that what we're doing here?

Problem with that is only an extremely small percentage of people actually support the belief that the world is flat...

If CNN conducted a "quick" poll... you think 70% of it's voters would agree that the world is flat?

I don't think the point is to equate the conspiracy theories, but to demonstrate that even in the light of real obvious evidence contrary to the theory people are willing to believe anything.

Take a second to reflect. It is incredibly obvious to anyone that isn't a flat earther to see that it is an incredibly flawed concept. However people that prescribe to the theory believe they have a world view that is completely consistent with reality. So even with evidence to the contrary they are quite capable of ignoring or rearranging evidences to fit with their beliefs but they don't consciously know they are doing it. No matter how loose or wrong their "facts" are, they are unable to see it. now ask yourself a question, is it possible, that even a fraction of your beliefs are based on faulty evidence or logic? are you subconsciously dismissing something to maintain your beliefs?

The answer is yes, because we all do it. But people need to recognize they are doing this. That is the important bit. So many conspiracy theorists are just as sheep like as the people they refer to as sheep - or even more so if they erroneously call someone a sheep simply because they are in the out-group and not because they blindly follow some else's idea (as long as it is counter to the mainstream).

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