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Default Re: Trade Metta World Peace

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
THank you man and I agree. Its just from a basketball standpoint, I want to see some optimism here and there. If everything is about the bad, I start getting depressed. I already got enough bad in my personal life, and would like to watch some refreshing basketball.

Smush was bad, he left. After that it was Kwame, he left. After that it was Odom. Odom picked it up and improved. After that it was the decline of Pau Gasol. After that it was the hiring of Mike Brown. Now that Mike Brown is gone, Ron Artest?

Ron has given the lakers his 110% every single game, whether they were down 30 or up 30. Without Ron Artest, we don't win against the celtics in game 7. How many times have we seen Ron hit clutch shots when a game is on the line? All this and he's just a role player making midlevel cash. When are we going to stop the crucifixion of a basketball team? Just watch and have fun. You know? Not everything has to be the best....

I agree with you on the whole post.....but is the team would just stop doing bad things like hiring the wrong coaches we wouldn't have much to complain about. On the positive side, despite the loss I can see we are much better than the Spurs.....we lost that game due to injuries and playing in a coachless situation.
I don't have a problem with Metta but I understand kk and those who want him out. I don't really have a problem with weak grip Pau either, I hope 'Antoni stops all the crap with Pau on the perimeter, he doesn't have that kind of range, his talent is being wasted.....if we can't figure it out we should trade him.
Sad but Duhon and Meeks were so horrible last game that I actually missed Steve Blake I still think we should've kept Goudelock......but that was a Mike Brown bad decision.

Despite all of our various gripes we ALL want the same thing
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