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Default Re: NY Jet teammates rip backup Tim Tebow, believe 'terrible' quarterback hasn't improved

Originally Posted by Heavincent
Get rid of EVERY SINGLE player on the offense except Mangold, Kerely, Hill (just because he's young) and D'Brick. Everyone else on the offense is either trash or can easily be replaced.

I hate being a fan of this shit team. The offense is the biggest joke. Sanchez is a complete scrub, Greene is the slowest #1 back in the league, and we have the worst receiving corp in the league. Tannenbaum was actually having a nice off season until Woody Johnson forced him to do the Tebow deal. So instead of going after some quality offensive players, we just get Tebow, who has been completely misused this year.

Fuck Sanchez. The dude plays like dog shit week after week yet he keeps his starting job. How does that work?

This team is a complete joke and is starts with that idiot scumbag owner Woody Johnson. What a clueless jackass. Us Jets fans will suffer as long as this goon is running the team.

Well, your team sucks, but at least now you've got a shiny new neon green box for not having the homer shades on. Enjoy.
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