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Default Re: F Royce White, Rockets at odds with agreement to help with anxiety over flying

Originally Posted by irondarts
The whole thing about having him only play home games is absolutely ludicrous.

If he can't meet the demands of his job, he needs to move on to another career. It's as simple as that. Look, I feel for his disorder, but if a regular person cannot attend work, they get fired. If Royce's disorder will not allow him to attend his job, he needs to get a new job.

Royce should not expect the Rockets to meet every one of his demands when he won't even go to therapy they have set up and he continues to spout off on Twitter about the organization.

Completely agree.

Employer's responsibility is to reasonabyl accommodate disabilities and it seems as if the Rockets have done that. It just doesn't please Royce White. It was more than reasonable for them to allow him to not travel to certain games with the team. It is not, however, reasonable for White to complain about not getting playing time and accusing the Rockets of holding his disorder against him when it comes to playing time when he didn't even attend training camp. Terrence Jones and Donatas Motiejunas have much more a gripe about not playing than Royce White because actually went through training camp.
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